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Update to Agent of Record procedure for individual U65 on exchange

  • AOR Rules
  • FFM
  • AOR

Our agent of record rules are changing. See the revisions that we've made to our policy. - Read More

Updates on Individual Senior and Under-65 Products

  • Arkansas Works
  • Medi-Pak Supplement Kit
  • Agent Consent Form

Read our Agent Consent Form scenarios to better understand when the form will be accepted and processed. - Read More

New dental providers are rapidly joining our network

  • Provider Network
  • Dental

The Arkansas Blue Cross dental network is growing in size throughout the state. Nearly one hundred new dental providers — dentists and specialists — have joined the Arkansas Blue Cross dental network in the past two months. - Read More

What repealing the individual mandate means in Arkansas

  • featured
  • Cal Kellogg
  • ACA
  • Individual Mandate

The repeal of the individual mandate penalty does not bring an end to the Affordable Care Act (ACA). But the repeal will affect the Arkansas market. - Read More

Membership System Change Begins for Individual Grandmother/Grandfather Business


Individual grandmothered and grandfathered contracts will migrate to a new membership system in January of 2018. Here's some help navigating the transition. - Read More

Open Enrollment Scenarios

  • Stay Blue
  • APTC

We present three scenarios for saving your clients money, and discuss the value of staying Blue. - Read More

Arkansas Works Updates (updated November 21)

  • HRA
  • Arkansas Works

Read a list of individual business updates about Arkansas Works enrollment, terminations, reinstatements and opportunities to earn bonus points. - Read More



As of January 1, 2018, the monthly cost per person for Fitness Your Way by Tivity Health will increase to $29, and there will be an enrollment fee. Waive the enrollment fee in December before the price goes up. - Read More


  • Dental Xtra

Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield is enhancing Dental Xtra by adding stroke and Sjӧgren’s syndrome to the list of covered conditions beginning January 1, 2018. Plus, more dental members will be eligible for these extra benefits. - Read More

More Under-65 products move to new commission system

  • Commission
  • ICM

Additional Arkansas Blue Cross commissions will be paid using the new commission system – ICM – beginning in January 2018. - Read More

Tips for returning Pinnacle Users

  • Pinnacle Insurance Associates

Flip through Pinnacle Insurance Associate's guide to using the website and digital store. - Read More

Tobacco surcharges on individual metallic plans

  • ACA
  • Tobacco usage

In 2018, Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield will be surcharging for tobacco usage on Affordable Care Act (ACA) metallic plans. - Read More

Stand-Alone Medi-Pak Rx Enrollment Suspension

  • CMS
  • PDP

Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield stand-alone prescription drug plans will be under an enrollment suspension for plan-year 2018. Read our article and FAQs to learn more. - Read More

Open enrollment pre-shopping for individual plans

  • MOENs
  • pre-shopping
  • OEP

Your clients can begin pre-shopping for open enrollment on Tuesday, October 24. - Read More

Non-ACA Individual Rate Increase Letters Mailed this Week

  • non-ACA individuals
  • rate increase

An update on the rate increase letters being sent to your current grandmothered and grandfathered (non-ACA) clients. - Read More

How to identify Service Area A kits from Service Area CDFG kits

  • Service Area CDFG
  • Service Area A
  • MAPD

By now you've likely ordered and received your 2018 Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug kits. We can help you tell them apart. - Read More

Termination letters sent to impacted Medicare Advantage PPO and PFFS members

  • Medicare Advantage
  • MAPD

Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug service area changes will affect members in certain counties. We wanted to share what your clients may receive from us. - Read More

Blue365 September Gym Deal

  • Blue365
  • Fitness Your Way

Fitness Your Way has waived the enrollment fee this month — tell your Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield clients that they can sign up for a gym membership without the fee all of September. - Read More

New! $100 Incentive for Renewals and Updated Timelines

  • featured
  • Submission Deadline
  • Renewals
  • $100 Incentive

A new incentive program rewards agents for the timely submission of small group renewals with a December 1 or January 1 effective date. - Read More

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month

  • Life Insurance Awareness Month

Every September, Life Happens coordinates the Life Insurance Awareness Month by offering turnkey marketing resources that will allow you to run a complete campaign in September (and beyond). - Read More