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Reporting 1095 Tax Forms in 2017

In November, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) extended the date for contract holders to distribute 1095B forms for the 2016 reporting year to March 2, 2017. The original due date was January 31, 2017.

We are using a new process to distribute 1095B forms this year, and our internal goal for distributing these is the week of February 6, 2017. We will e-file the 1095B forms with the IRS by March 31, 2017.

Once the 1095B forms have been created, printed and mailed, it is our intention to make electronic versions available to our members again through My Blueprint and to customer service staff through CSW. Please be aware that this year the 1095B forms specifically state that they ARE NOT to be filed with tax returns. They are to be kept for personal tax records.

Most of our fully insured groups also are required to file 1095 forms on each of their employees who are offered health coverage. Arkansas Blue Cross does not provide this information; it requires information that we do not have.

Last year, Enterprise Business Intelligence (EBI) did supply membership listings to groups that requested them. Any requests for that information this year should be made through normal EBI channels. That is the only additional information we will supply.

The Federally Facilitated Marketplace (FFM) issues 1095A forms for policies purchased on the exchange. The FFM has not shared a distribution date, but we anticipate them to be distributed in February. The state of Arkansas will issue 1095B forms for members who were covered under the private option in 2016. Again, we do not have a distribution date from the state.