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Training Time Update! Annual Individual Under-65 and Medicare Advantage Training Update (8/13/2017)

As mentioned in the previous article, we're providing a mid-August update about under-65 and Medicare Advantage training. Though much of the below is the same as the previous article, there are important updates. Please read the entire article.  

There are two training tracks: Individual Medicare Advantage-Arkansas and Individual U-65-Arkansas. We've partnered with a new vendor, PinPoint Global, to replace Gorman for our Medicare core training. We'll also be using PinPoint Global to host and track all U-65 and Medi-Pak Choice training requirements and key milestones. In other words, whether you're completing a requirement through CMS (i.e., FFM Training), AHIP (i.e., you do your core Medicare training with AHIP) you will be able to track progress all through your Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield's PinPoint account. 

You each will be assigned to one or both of these training tracks based on what you're currently appointed to sell. Below are step-by-step instructions on what to expect and how to register with PinPoint.    

Step 1:

Prior to the close-of-business on August 14, all currently appointed individual agents (maintenance not included) will receive a pre-registration email (see example below).  Follow the first link, which will take you to the registration page.
Email w Registration Link

Step 2:

Enter your Registration ID (it's your NPN) and access code that was provided in the registration email. 

Registration ID and Access Code

Step 3:

Select the option to look up your NPN using NIPR (this is only way to proceed).

Lookup NPN

Step 4:

Verify your NPN by using your last name and Social Security number as stored by the NIPR Producer Database (PDB).Verify NPN  

Step 5:

Select "Use this NPN" button after it populates with a successful match.
Use This NPN

Step 6:

Complete your registration by completing your Personal Information. Once complete, select "Register." 

After registering, you'll be presented with the confirmation page (shown below). Your username will be your NPN and the password will be unique to you based on what you chose earlier. 
Confirmation Page

After selecting "Continue," you'll arrive at your PinPoint dashboard. Now that you've registered for PinPoint, you can use this link on return visits. 


You can access the courses/modules for your assigned training tracks a few different ways. You will want to access through the Training Tracker or Certification link. The third option, via the Transcript link, is read-only. 

After completing any module/course, refresh your browser to see the system update the status of the course you just completed.  

Dashboard View

Medi-Pak Choice Training

Individual MA-Arkansas
You will be assigned seven courses/modules within this training track (example below).  

Seven MA Courses

Medicare Advantage Certification
(the core CMS training): 
Are you completing the individual MA training? The first decision will be whether or not you will complete the training in PinPoint or substitute with AHIP's training course. 

  • Transmit AHIP results
    • You'll see Medicare Advantage certification as the first course. Skip this course if you choose to transmit your AHIP results to us via the process outlined below. You will see the option to upload a certificate … this is not necessary. Instead, just complete the steps below and give us two or three business days from the time you complete your AHIP training or August 17th (whichever is later). You'll see a credit for completing this course on your dashboard. 
    • AHIP has already launched their PY 2018 Medicare Advantage and Fraud-Waste-Abuse (FWA) modules. Arkansas Blue Cross will accept AHIP’s 2018 training to satisfy/substitute the PinPoint Medicare and FWA training. AHIP will transmit your completion results to us but you must tell AHIP to do so. Here's how:  
      • Go to
      • The pages will look familiar — you will be prompted to transmit your already-completed courses to Arkansas Blue Cross and will see confirmation of this transmittal. There's no cost to you to transmit your module results. It is simple!
  • Complete through PinPoint
    • If you haven't completed the module through AHIP, you will need to complete the Medicare Advantage certification by accessing it in your PinPoint dashboard.  You will be redirected to Pinpoint’s national site to complete this training. The cost to complete the PinPoint training, should you choose this option, is $89.95. There is no cost to transmit your AHIP module to PinPoint.

Medi-Pak Choice Product Trainings
(Value of Blue, Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement)

These will be available immediately. You can complete both trainings, then complete the self assessment test.

Arkansas Individual Self Assessment (Test)

External Agent Product Training (coming soon)

This will become available on September 8, 2017, and will include additional content that expands upon the Arkansas Blue Cross product trainings. You'll see “coming soon” next to the course title until the content is available in the PinPoint portal. We'll send everyone an email once the content is available to users.

ICM/MCS Updated

Once all of the previous modules are completed, this is the last remaining course. No action is required on your part. You'll receive an email indicating we have processed all your training (within one or two business days). 

Note: We will be conducting regional face-to-face trainings. These will be supplemental, optional and will not replace the online training. You'll receive an invitation to register and attend sometime around the end of August. There will be one training in Jonesboro on September 18; two trainings in Fayetteville on September 27 and 28; and three in North Little Rock on October 3, 4 and 5. Farm Bureau agents will have separate, optional trainings in early October. 

Under-65 Training

Individual Under-65-Arkansas

You will be assigned five modules within this training track. Even though the Arkansas Blue Cross content will not be made available until the week of September 3, 2017, there are two modules that require your immediate attention. These are completed outside the PinPoint portal and are 2018 Plan Year FFM Completion and Exchange Producer Licensed Renewed Through September 2018. We have provided instructions below on how to complete these modules, as well as the Arkansas Blue Cross-specific modules.  

I-U65 Modules

2018 FFM Training Certification – Training is now available!  Below are instructions that agents should follow. We'll check the FFM completion list daily, and update this course as complete for any agent who is on this list and registered with PinPoint. The first update will be October 15, 2017. 

To access training module, go to https://portal.cms.govIf you have trouble logging in, or you have been locked out, you can call the CMS support desk at 855-267-1515 and they will reset/unlock your account. Many of you will likely need to do this — passwords are required to change every 60 days. Arkansas Blue Cross is unable to help resolve these issues.  

CMS portal

Access the "Complete Agent Broker Training" link.

CMS portal 2

Choose one of the three training vendors. Marketplace Learning Management System (MLMS) is free, which is the bottom choice shown in screenshot below. No continuing education units (CEU) are offered with this vendor, but it will satisfy your certification requirements.  

Choose Training Vendor

Your NPN must be on the FFM completion list for 2018 before you can satisfy this requirement and market/sell plan-year 2018 products. We'll check this list every business day, but it may take one to three business days to see your completion status reflected in your PinPoint dashboard. Below is how you can see whether the FFM shows you as complete. We look at the same list, and this must be complete before you can be renewed for 2018.  

After accessing the FFM registration completion list, you see the below homepage.

FFM Registration completion list

Select "Filter" at the top of the page…

FFM Select Filter

Then add Filter and search by your NPN. If it shows your 2018 certification, you are good to go.  

2018 Certification


Exchange Producer Licensed Renewed Through September 2018
Last year, existing Exchange Producer Licensees had their license auto-renewed through September 2017. All Arkansas Exchange Producer licenses are set to expire the end of September, so it is imperative that agents are proactive in getting this license renewed. 

Arkansas Blue Cross will not be able to renew your Individual U-65 appointment unless this is renewed. Here are detailed instructions on how to renew your 2018 Exchange Producer license.

You must complete the FFM training first, and we recommend you wait one business day after completing the FFM certification.

To begin, visit Walk through the screenshots below.

Select "Resident Licensing Renewal."
NIPR homepage

Then select "Renew."
NIPR_Select Renew

Select your state.

NIPR_Select State

Choose "Renew here."
NIPR_Renew Here button

Choose to renew as an individual, then select "Next."
NIPR_Individual Renewal_and_Next

Enter your last name and NPN.
NIPR_Enter Name_Enter NPN

Enter the last four of your Social Security number and your date of birth. 
NIPR_Enter SSN_Select Next

Select your name under the User Menu. 
NIPR_Click Your Name

Select what you want to do (see selections below).
NIPR_Select License_Application_Residency

Add Arkansas as your selected state.

Below is the landing page where you'll see the Exchange Producer License Renewal Application link. 

NIPR Select Licenses

If you have trouble with this process, you must call NIPR Support at 855-674-6477 for help.

NIPR Fee Screen  

Submit your application.

Submit Application Screen

Once finished, it will look like this …

What Renewal Looks Like When Finished

Your renewal application will begin processing. For most, the only verification to be done by the Arkansas Insurance Department is confirming you have completed the FFM training for 2018. They'll check the same FFM completion list as what we illustrated above. 

After your Exchange license is renewed by Arkansas Insurance Department, it will be reflected in NIPR. PinPoint will check for completions on a nightly basis, so within one or two business days of approval, this will be marked as complete within your PinPoint portal. 

Individual U-65 Product Training

This will be available on September 8, 2017. Until the content is available and loaded to the PinPoint portal, you will see “coming soon” next to the course title. We will send everyone an email once the final content is loaded and available to users.

Individual U-65 Self Assessment Test

This will be available on September 8, 2017, with the U-65 content. 

ICM/MCS Updated

Once all of the previous modules are completed, this is the last course that will remain. No action is required on your part. You'll receive an email within one to two business days indicating that we have processed all your training. 

Note: We'll be conducting regional face-to-face trainings. These will be supplemental, optional and will not replace the online training. You will receive an invitation to register and attend sometime around the end of August. There will be one training in Jonesboro on September 18; two trainings in Fayetteville on September 27 and 28; and three in North Little Rock on October 3, 4 and 5. Farm Bureau agents will have separate, optional trainings in early October.