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Non-ACA Individual Rate Increase Letters Mailed this Week

As reviewed in Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield agent training, your current grandmothered and grandfathered (non-ACA) clients will receive a rate increase letter beginning Thursday, October 12. All non-ACA individual policies (excluding limited duration plans like Access Blue/Basic Blue) will receive a 19.3 percent increase. Limited benefit plans (i.e., Basic Blue, Access Blue) will receive a letter outlining an 8.7 percentincrease.

The updated 2018 rate sheets for non-ACA are not yet on Blueprint for Agents, but will be added by Friday, October 20. The current rate sheets for 2017 are still on Blueprint for Agents, and will remain there until the end of next week.

If your non-ACA clients would like to make a change, you can help give them an idea of what the rate change will be, but most require submitting and processing a change form through our internal systems. This ensures existing surcharges, pro-rating, age-band changes, etc., are all considered. Your clients will, of course, receive their updated rate that includes the increase in the letter they receive this week (we have included the main template and messaging below – obviously there is some variation in content based on the product those individuals had).

Non-ACA Individual Rate Increase Letters (1)Non-ACA Individual Rate Increase Letters (2)
Other (unrelated) updates:
  • ACA notifications are scheduled to be mailed and arrive in homes the end of October.
  • Important agent training materials are now online under Training Resources on Blueprint for Agents (on the right side of the page, under the Quick Links section).
  • We know you’re anxious to have access to the 2018 ACA benefit and rating information. We're working hard to get the information to you as quickly as possible. While we cannot guarantee a date, the hope is to have the off-exchange metallic information available to you on Monday, October 16.
    • We understand the predicament you’re in with the compressed open enrollment period this year. As such, we're exploring many options to get you tools and information in advance of the ACA's November 1 open enrollment commencement.