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USAble Life's Enhanced AccessAble Site

USAble Life, a vendor partner for Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield, is committed to providing the highest level of service excellence and enabling technology to our customers and is pleased to announce enhancements to our online benefits enrollment, membership and billing tool: AccessAble. AccessAble continues to be a critical tool for benefits professionals and the groups they serve; with the enhancements, AccessAble now provides more flexibility, self-service features, and benefits consultant privileges.

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What does this mean to me?
You will have new ways to increase voluntary participation for USAble Life benefits. AccessAble has new capabilities that make it easy to enroll employees and drives participation.  In pilot use, groups that have used the new member self-enrollment or the new benefits consultant role (agent enrolled) for their annual enrollment have seen participation in voluntary lines increase by 28%. Setup is easy and this technology is available as part of our standard services for managing USAble Life benefits.

What does this mean for my groups?
Your groups will enjoy new features and improved usability, starting the week of June 18, 2018. These enhancements will be available to you and your clients starting the week of June 18th. Log in using the same credentials and experience the new look and feel, improved performance, and features designed to simplify benefits administration. New features that can be made available to your groups and their employees include: 

  • Improved and faster benefit selection
  • Member self-service
  • Online evidence of insurability 
  • Online beneficiary designation
  • Life event management 
  • Annual enrollment dashboard
  • Instant quoting of voluntary benefits during enrollment

As with past versions of AccessAble, this platform is fully integrated with our billing system, meaning that all changes made in AccessAble are reflected real time in our systems. Because of this, your groups can rebill their current invoice to incorporate any last minute membership adjustments. Please note: Individual Worksite benefits do not include all of the AccessAble features listed above.

How do I access these new features?
If you would like to turn on the new member self-service capabilities or have questions about the new AccessAble, please contact Myriah Darling at 501-859-0753 or