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Large group plan grids freshened for 2020

 Last year Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield launched standard plans for groups 51-500 that would improve our rating process and simplify our overall product offering. The standard plans were a success – but market feedback did indicate there were some holes in what we offered. We listened.

Today, Arkansas Blue Cross is proud announce the 2020 large group standard plans with all new plans available in the 80% coinsurance range. New plans have an increased maximum out-of-pocket amount as the sole differentiator. Additionally, groups 101-500 will have two more pharmacy options.

New plans have a slightly different name. For example, the Arkansas Blue Cross $500/$1,000 deductible with 80% coinsurance and a fulfillment deductible type was originally named BC 500-80_F. In the new plan grids, that plan will be BC 500-80_F_2 because the maximum out-of-pocket amount is deductible + $2,000. The two new plans will be BC 500-80_F_3 and BC 500-80_F_4. The _3 in the name is based on the maximum out-of-pocket amount being deductible + $3,000 and _4 is the maximum out-of-pocket amount being deductible + $4,000.

Get the marketing grids:

51-100 employees

101-200 employees

201-500 employees

Questions? Please contact your Arkansas Blue Cross large group representative with any questions about the large group standard plans, grids or anything else.