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Medi-Pak® changes – coming soon

Medi-Pak® supplement members will be seeing some changes in the coming weeks, due, in part, to a migration of their membership data to a different platform. Following are details about the two main categories of change that may prompt questions/contacts by Medi-Pak members:

  • New member ID numbers and cards – Due to the data migration to the new system, all Medi-Pak members will receive new member ID numbers and, as a result, new ID cards. This process will be similar those followed in past data migrations. Here are some key points about this transition:
    • You should see two contracts (the current one and the new one) on your Current Enrollment Listing for each policyholder until January 1, 2020.
    • We will begin mailing the new ID cards in early December 2019.
    • Members’ plans will remain the same. Their new ID cards/numbers won’t change their coverage or benefits.
    • Beginning on January 1, members should use their new cards when they receive medical care.
    • A message explaining the changes, will accompany the new ID cards when they are mailed to members.
  • Redesigned Explanation of Benefits (EOB) reports – We have recently completely redesigned this report, in response to members’ feedback. The new EOB’s “Summary” section, “Helpful definitions” key, grouping of claims by healthcare provider and easy-to-read layout make it very easy to understand.

    The Explanation of Benefits is a beneficial tool that helps members keep track of their healthcare claims history, their benefit levels and any amounts that remain to be paid to healthcare providers. An informational flier about the new EOB (like this one for Health Advantage) will be included in the member’s new ID card. As always, if members have questions about EOBs, they should contact customer service.

  • Premium increases – Existing members will receive rate increase letters in mid-November after the Medicare changes are finalized. To see 2020 Medi-Pak rates, use the provided link.