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News on dental plans may bring a smile

Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield’s dental plans have rolled out several changes for 2020, and they may give you and your clients and prospects reason to grin.

Here are the highlights:

  • Shelf-rated dental plans now are available to groups with up to 50 employees. The cutoff formerly was groups with 25 or fewer employees. These plans now may be quoted. The change took effect February 1, 2020, (for effective dates of May 1, 2020, and beyond). Now, more of your small business clients can enjoy competitively priced, flexible dental plans that are backed by features like a strong network and the Dental Xtra program.


  • Our national network is more than 13% larger for 2020. And in Arkansas’ neighboring states of Texas and Oklahoma, the growth is even greater. Our national network now has more than 100,000 providers, and our Arkansas network has more than 1,200 providers. In addition, our PPO Plus network’s discounts are the strongest of any Arkansas carrier.


  • Head-and-neck cancer now is a qualifying condition in Dental Xtra. Dental Xtra integrates dental coverage with medical coverage for certain diagnoses. Other such diagnoses include diabetes, coronary heart disease, stroke, oral cancer, Sjögren’s syndrome and pregnancy.

Product and sales materials have been updated to reflect these changes. To make sure you have the latest collateral materials, visit Blueprint for Agents today.