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COVID-19 update – remotely delivered care & behavioral health

When our lives are disrupted – as in the current coronavirus outbreak and the resulting need for social distancing – stress can be an unwelcome and unhelpful byproduct. Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield and Health Advantage are making some temporary coverage changes that are designed to give our fully insured members greater peace of mind during this outbreak.

We are encouraging fully insured members and healthcare providers to use audio-visual and telephone technology for certain services related to physical and/or behavioral health, in lieu of an in-person visit, where appropriate in the provider’s professional judgment.

During this time, Arkansas Blue Cross and Health Advantage also are waiving costs their fully insured members normally would have to pay for such services, when received from an in-network provider. These temporary changes will be in effect through at least May 15, 2020, and could be extended after that, if circumstances warrant.

You can read the full details of these temporary coverage changes in our official press release (posted on our website)