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Individual agent training for plan year 2021

It’s training time again! PinPoint again will be the system used to track both under-65 (U-65) and over-65 (O-65) annual training requirements.

Medi-Pak® Choice milestones
On August 13, 2020, returning agents who have a Medi-Pak® Choice (O-65) appointment can access PinPoint to:

  • Complete their annual Medicare training. See the instructions below if you’ve already completed this training through America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP)
  • Take the Arkansas Blue Cross 2021 online product trainings
  • Take the test

Helpful Hint: When you’re going through the online product training, take notice of the resource section to assist with your comprehension of the online trainings. The resource section will be helpful when taking your test!

Individual U-65 milestones
As of today, we have not received information on when the Federally-facilitated Marketplace (FFM) training will be released. When it is released, you can access PinPoint to track when you’ve been identified as having completed your FFM training. When more information is available, we will email you additional details on how to complete your FFM training and renew your Arkansas Exchange Producer License.

On August 24, 2020, the 2021 Arkansas Blue Cross U-65 content will be available. Agents will be required to take the Individual U-65 Product Training and Self-Assessment.

Zoom meetings
Instead of having face-to-face meeting this year, we will have Zoom meetings. Dates and times are listed on our agent blog.

Accessing PinPoint
Returning PinPoint users (you’re all returning PinPoint users if you’re currently appointed sell U-65 and/or O-65 products) visit the website here.

Your username will be your National Producer Number (NPN). Your password is unchanged from the one you set last year. (If you have forgotten, just use the Forgot password link and follow the instructions.)

8-15 image 01

Once you log in, select the Certifications icon to see your assigned tracks.

8-15 image 02

Based on your appointment (U-65 and/or O-65) you will see two tracks: Individual MA-Arkansas and/or Individual U-65 Arkansas. If you do not see a track assigned to you, and you think it should be there, email to research. Tracks are assigned based on your current appointment authority.

Annual requirement year 2021 screenshot-shadow

Individual Medicare Advantage – Arkansas track
AHIP Medicare Advantage & Fraud, Waste and Abuse modules:
If you have already taken the AHIP Medicare Advantage and Fraud, Waste and Abuse (FWA) modules for plan year 2021, Arkansas Blue Cross will accept AHIP’s 2021 training as a substitute for the PinPoint Medicare and FWA training, but you will have to tell AHIP to transmit your completion results to Arkansas Blue Cross. It just requires some simple steps:

  1. Visit this AHIP page
  2. You’ll be prompted to transmit your completed courses to Arkansas Blue Cross and will see confirmation of this transmittal (there is no cost to you to transmit completed module results).
  3. You also can complete the Medicare Advantage and FWA training through PinPoint. The cost is $89.95. There isn’t a cost to set up a PinPoint account or send your AHIP Medicare Advantage training results to us.

(Important note: Do not pay $89.95 if you already completed AHIP. If you have completed the 2021 AHIP training, see steps 1 and 2 above to transmit your AHIP results.)

Annual requirement year 2021 screenshot2-shadow2

PinPoint Medicare Certification System: If you take the PinPoint course to get your certification, select the appropriate link, and you will be redirected to the national annual certification. Farm Bureau agents and internal reps, for instance, will take this course. This page should look familiar to you.

8-15 image 05

Individual Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement course: After completing the Medicare Advantage certification course, you will be able to take the Individual Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement course.

Upon completion this course, you will get three attempts to pass the test. (Note: Refer to the resource section for supplementary materials that may assist with the test and training.) If you fail the test two times, contact your Individual Products representative prior to starting your third and final attempt.