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New Small Group Due Dates for Benefits Changes

Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield has a new timeline for small groups that make benefits changes after our internal auto renewal process has begun.

The new timeline is part of Arkansas Blue Cross efforts to improve the small group renewal process and member experience by moving membership, benefits and claims adjudication to a new system. Timely communication of benefits changes helps us ensure your group has a seamless transition to the new system and a better overall experience.

Here’s how the timeline works. A small group with a June effective date will have a May 1 due date to submit any benefits changes without delaying the group’s renewal. If a change is submitted after the May 1 deadline, the group will keep the proposed renewal benefits and rates through the end of the current renewal month and the requested benefits will be effective July 1. A new signed contract will be required and rates may change based on the new anniversary date.

A table below lists the due date for benefits changes without delaying the group.

When benefit changes are made after the due dates:

  1. The group keeps the proposed benefits and rates one additional month
  2. Benefit changes will become active on the first day of the following month — rates may change based on the new anniversary month
  3. Groups will incur a $250 administrative fee (for making changes after the due date)

The new process begins with June effective dates. Please look ahead to communicate these changes with your groups to avoid any confusion when it comes to benefits changes.

Effective Date Need Benefits Changes By…
June May 1
July June 1
August July 3
September August 1
October September 1
November October 2

Reminder: April commission for new and renewing Arkansas Blue Cross small metallic conversion groups will be paid in May.