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System upgrade for new Arkansas Blue Cross large groups

All new Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield large groups (new, non-metallic large groups only) will start moving to the AMISYS benefits and claims adjudication system beginning with groups that have an August 1 effective date. This transition will not affect existing large group non-metallic business.

The transition allows Arkansas Blue Cross to be more efficient and make adjustments to health plans more easily. Most of the transition will be seamless for our agents and members, but there are some changes that you may notice:

  • Effective dates – The original effective date for groups will change to become the renewal effective date.
  • Migration by renewal – Because groups will migrate to the newer system as they renew, you may have groups on the old system and AMISYS at the same time.
  • Member numbers will change – Members will receive new ID cards about 15 to 30 days before each group’s renewal. Please make sure the group administrator is aware that the member numbers on the ID cards will be different. Their employees need to be aware that they need to present their new ID cards when they visit their doctors.
  • Dependent ID cards – Members with dependents who did not have individual cards before will receive cards for each dependent.
  • Most group numbers will stay the same – All but 11 group numbers on member ID cards will be the same. Groups with numbers that are changing will be notified. (The numbers being changed were duplicates of ones already in AMYSIS.)

Doctors are being notified through AHIN and our providers’ newsletter to check for new member ID cards.

Also, the aggregated/accumulated deductible option will be eliminated. Plans affected will have the option of an embedded (most similar) or accumulated deductible upon renewal.

A Word on Commissions

Finally, please note that commissions paid for new large non-metallic groups will now be paid in the ICM commission system. Currently Medicare Advantage/PDP, individual exchange, service fee and some small group metallic business and now new large group non-metallic groups are paid through this system. Read more about commissions paid through the ICM commission system.

Existing large group non-metallic business will continue to be paid in the current MCS commission system and will be transitioned in 2018. Here's the current commissions breakdown:

ICM (New commission system) MCS (current commission system)
Medi-Pak Advantage and Medi-Pak Part D Regular Medi-Pak
Individual on/off exchange (including Arkansas Works) All under-65 individual products (medical, dental, vision)except for on/off exchange and Arkansas Works
Some metallic groups (based on anniversary or effective date) Non-metallic groups and some metallic groups depending on anniversary date
Groups with service fee arrangements
New Arkansas Blue Cross non-metallic large groups (beginning with August 1 effective dates) Existing Arkansas Blue Cross non-metallic large groups

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