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Generate a benefit summary in seconds

Generating a benefit summary for a 51-500 size group has never been easier for agents and brokers.

At Arkansas Blue Cross, we’ve launched standard plans for groups 51-500. The standard plans help us improve quoting and enrollment for that group segment by adding structure to the plans your clients can purchase, and we can implement and onboard these groups faster because we’re not selling a custom plan every time.

The standard plans are simple and straightforward — when a client tells you what they’re looking for in their health plan, and what their price point is, we believe you’ll be able to more efficiently find the right plan.

You now have access to a new benefit summary tool on Blueprint for Agents that enables you to create a benefit summary for groups size 51-500 that are shopping the standard plans. The tool will let you pick the plan type, deductible and plan variables. Once done, you'll generate a PDF specific to that standard plan design. 

Here are the instructions:

Visit BPA

BPA Product Information

LG Benefit Summary Tool

LG Drop Down

Please forward these instructions to your support staff, or anyone else who will help generate benefit summaries for groups with standard plans.

Is this the first you've heard of the standard plans for groups 51-500? Learn more about the plans.

Questions? Contact your Arkansas Blue Cross representative with questions about the large group standard plans or the benefit summary tool.