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May is Mental Health Month

As a person who touches the healthcare industry, you’re aware mental health impacts people and the community every single day. In fact, it’s likely someone you care about is experiencing a mental health condition, given 1 out of 4 Americans do each year. But did you know that only 44 percent seek or get the help they need?

To spread the word that mental health conditions are common and treatable, our vendor New Directions developed a free Mental Health Month toolkit. Our goal is to teach and inspire people to take an active role in their mental health and well-being and to help others.

Please share it with your clients, organizations or anyone you care about today. By doing so, you will empower people to:

How Can Your Groups Use This Toolkit

  • Download the collateral in the free toolkit.
  • Encourage employees to get help, act early, reduce stigma, live healthy and support others.
  • Host an employee challenge. Get employees engaged and thinking about their mental health. Everything an organization needs to launch a simple weekly challenge is inside the toolkit.
  • Use the resources on internal channels. Download the materials and include them in newsletters, intranet, breakrooms, elevators, etc.