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Membership System Change Begins for Individual Grandmother/Grandfather Business

During our annual training in September and October, we provided you with some important information below about membership system changes.

  • Individual grandmothered and grandfathered contracts will migrate to a new membership system (the same as individual metallic and most commercial group business) in January of 2018.
  • We will send out more information as we get closer to December, which is when the transition will begin.
  • Your clients will have new contract numbers, but there will be a crosswalk process that matches the member to their new contract number at every entry point in our system (customer service, Blueprint for Agents, claims, pharmacy, etc.). 
  • We want you and the member to know that using an old contract number will not delay or disrupt service.
Key things to be aware of:
  • Quarterly billing modes that are not calendar year (January, April, July, October) were standardized to calendar year in November 2017.
  • Instead of a three-month bill, these policyholders will receive a two-month bill and their quarterly payment will resume January 1, 2018, on a calendar-year quarterly schedule.
  • Their paid-to date would be December 31, 2017.
  • When pro-rated bills are sent, an insert and detailed explanation will be included:
    • Semi-annual and annual billing modes will be phased out and transitioned to their choice of quarterly or monthly.
    • The new contract numbers will be assigned to your clients on or around December 1 for all members who have paid through December.
    • Members without a paid-to date of at least December 31, 2017, will be assigned their new contract numbers when December premiums are paid.
What does the system change entail?
  • All policies that are paid through the end of the December will be included in the initial system migration. These members will receive new contract numbers (as required by the system change). Policyholders will be mailed a new ID card, which will have new ID numbers. 
  • Remember, procedures and systems are in place to accommodate members and providers who use old contract numbers beginning January 1 and beyond. 
How will Blueprint for Agents and my current enrollment listing be impacted?

When your existing client migrates to the new system, and a new ID number is generated, the following will be reflective on your status reports:

  • Old contract number, associated with the old system, will show on your canceled report. Don’t be alarmed!
  • The same policy, with the new contract number, will replace the policy number on your active current enrollment listing.
  • If you’re worried how to match the old contract number to the new contract number, for your own reporting needs, on your active current enrollment listing you have the ability to download your book of business/reports to an Excel file. If you do this, you will be able to see more information that will allow you to match the old contract number to the new contract number. 

Example: John Doe is enrolled in BlueChoice and his contract number is 1234. This weekend, he is migrated to new contract number 5678. When you access your status report, John Doe will be listed under the canceled report with the contract number of 1234.  But, you will also see John Doe under your active list with the contract # of 5678. When you download your current enrollment file, you will be able to see John Doe, and the same details available today (i.e., name, DOB, address, plan name, etc.). You will also see a new field, indicating his old contract number 1234. This will allow for easy reconciliation.  

What happens if my client is not paid through December when the initial system migration begins?
  • The overwhelming majority of membership will be paid through December. 
  • Those that are not will be migrated when they pay their premium, and you will see this change the following day on your status report. 
  • We expect a very small amount of membership may not pay their bill by December 15.  For these, regardless of whether they have paid, they will be migrated to the new system at the time we send out our January bills. They will receive a special notice stating that they need to pay their premiums as soon as possible, and their only option will be paper check. This is because our customer accounts area will have to post the payments to two different systems. Again, we expect this to be a very small amount based on historical review.