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Individual U-65 Bonus Program

Individual U-65 agents are eligible to gain points/bonus dollars this year. In early May, we will begin processing the first quarter bonus deposits for agency owners/principals that qualified for the program.  However, you will be able to get an early look at your progress toward the bonus program using a planned enhancement (see below) to the Sales Reporting Tool on Blueprint for Agents. Refer back to this article on how the Sales Reporting Tool works.

As a reminder, below is a high-level description of the bonus program. Program details were sent to agency owners/principals last fall. If you are an agency owner/principal, and you need another copy of the program details, you can reach out to your individual product representative.

U-65 Bonus System

On or around April 16, agency owners/principals will see an enhancement to the Sales Reporting Tool. Users will see a new drilldown option, "Bonus Program", as illustrated below. It is here where we will show a breakdown of earned points for U-65 major medical sales, Short-Term Blue/dental/vision sales, active on-exchange reenrollments and active off-exchange reenrollments. In May, when we finalize the bonus amounts to be deposited in your account, we will share the detail for bonus points earned for Health Risk Assessments and Wellness Exams (Arkansas Works only).

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