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Arkansas Blue Cross Individual Agent Updates

Arkansas Works Update

Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield has you and your clients covered as it relates to Arkansas Works. We've been keeping you updated through agent news articles, but you can now find virtually anything you would like to know at our dedicated site:

Recent updates include:
  • Comprehensive information and corresponding solutions
    • Example: There's a step-by-step guide on how to comply with work requirement
  • A great new tool that will allow any Arkansas Works member or helper to look up their reference number and status using the Arkansas Works member ID, last name and date of birth
Arkansas Works update
Blueprint for Agents Updates

As promised, you can now see a complete list of all Arkansas Works clients on a new report available under your Current Enrollment Listing.

Blueprint for Agents CEL Blueprint for Agents Arkansas Works

We have made a concerted effort to improve the information available on your active enrollment report. In doing so, we now have three different detailed-information links:

  • Policyholder: BlueSolutions Tool, print ID card, order replacement card, order COCC,contact information
  • Billing Info: View Latest Invoice, AutoPay Status, Paid-to-Date, billing details on last two coverage spans (In the fall during OEP, unlike in years past, you will be able to see current and future premium amounts)
  • Benefit Info: Plan documents. And, like billing, you can details include two most recent coverage spans so you can see changes.
CEL Update
Annual Training

We will share more details toward the end of July, but below are some key dates to remember. We will largely follow the same training schedule and tracking system (pinpoint) we used last year.  However, as noted below, we’re offering more training dates and your attendance of one of the training sessions – in addition to the online training – will be required.

2019 Training Calendar