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Billing cycle change for individual U-65 grandfathered and grandmothered business

Beginning September 2018, Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield will no longer support a 15th-of-the-month billing cycle for individual U-65 grandfathered and grandmothered members. The change comes as part of an effort to ensure more billing accuracy through a more normal, standard billing cycle.

We will begin transitioning these policies to a 1st-of-the-month billing cycle in early September. Members will start to receive a letter that outlines the timeline below so they know what to expect during the transition.

Please be aware, members will be billed for a month and a half of premiums within 15 days. This may be a concern for some members, so we encourage you to reach out to affected members and notify them of the change. The new draft date will be on the 26th of the month going forward.

Arkansas Blue Cross will mail letters to member on 7/22 explaining the transition timeline.

Transition timeline:

  • 8/15 – 15th of the month drafts 8/15 through 9/14 premiums (normal process)
  • 8/29 – Bill will run for 9/15 through 9/30
  • 9/15 – Draft for 9/15 through 9/30 premiums
  • 9/18 (or 9/19) – Bill will run for 10/1 through 10/31
  • 9/26 – Draft for 10/1 through 10/31

Questions? Contact your Arkansas Blue Cross individual product representative to learn more about the transition.