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2019 Individual Marketing Materials

Now that the much-anticipated Annual Election Period and U-65 Open Enrollment Period are near, Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield wanted to let you know when you could request marketing supplies (kits, brochures, etc.). 

Annual Election Period (AEP) Marketing Materials

Medicare Advantage Kits:

You can order these now. There are three types of kits: PFFS in HMO counties, PFFS in non-HMO counties and HMO.

Medicare Supplement Kits:

Updated Med Sup kits aren't available until late Q4 2018. If you request Med Supp kits, we'll insert the 2019 rate buck slip so you can share accurate rates.

  • PDFs of all materials will be available on Blueprint for Agents on October 1.
  • Kits include the 2018 Star Rating sheets. We will make the 2019 Star Rating Sheets available on Blueprint for Agents when they’re available (early to mid-October). You can then provide your client a copy of the 2019 Star Sheet when you meet with them. 

Open Enrollment Period (OEP) U-65 Marketing Materials (including dental)

The request form will be updated October 1 to start ordering 2019 materials.

  • For 2019 dental materials, you'll have the choice to order the traditional brochure and/or a six-page tri-fold brochure (it includes the same information as traditional). 
  • Like in 2018, when you order the 2019 QHP brochures we'll also insert copies of the 2019 benefits grid. When you request 25 QHP brochures, you'll also receive 25 benefit grids. 
  • We will let you know when our new limited duration product brochures are available, which will include short term.
    • Contact your individual product representative if you need a small supply of short term brochures.
  • You'll be notified when 2019 standalone vision brochures are ready to order. As reviewed in our training, there will be a rate increase for 2019.
  • PDFs of all materials will be available on Blueprint for Agents October 15 (and possibly sooner)

We're looking forward to 2019, and continuing to provide you with the marketing materials you need to sell individual products.