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Agent News

Platinum Dental and Platinum Dental Plus Vision for Individuals

Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield is excited to announce two new dental plans with higher plan-year maximums: Platinum Dental and Platinum Dental Plus Vision plans! We hope our agent-broker partners are excited to expand their product portfolio with these new Platinum dental plans. Both products offer a $1,500 plan-year maximum for dental services.

If you're thinking about moving clients with a Silver or Gold plan to our new Platinum plan, you should not send a cancellation request if the policyholder remains the same. Sending a cancellation request will result in cancelling the new policy.

You can begin submitting Platinum Dental and Platinum Dental Plus Vision applications on October 1, 2018, for a first available effective date of January 1, 2019.

New 2019 dental brochures are ready to order on Blueprint for Agents, and can be found here to download. This year, you will have a choice to order the traditional brochure and/or six-page tri-fold brochure, which includes the same information as the traditional. 

Questions? Contact your Arkansas Blue Cross internal product representative.