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The Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment is back!

In January 2019, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is bringing back the open enrollment period (OEP) for Medicare Advantage (MA) enrollees. Medicare Advantage OEP takes place from January 1 – March 31 of each year beginning in 2019. During this time, Medicare Advantage plan enrollees can:

  • Change to a different MA or MA-PD plan
  • Disenroll from a plan and return to original Medicare
  • Change Part D coverage

Only one change is allowed during OEP and it does not allow individuals who are not currently enrolled in a MA or MA-PD to make changes or obtain coverage. While this OEP gives Medicare Advantage enrollees options on changing coverage, there are some limitations. The OEP does not allow individuals not currently enrolled in a MA plan to join one. Also, it does not allow individuals enrolled in original Medicare to change their Part D coverage. As a reminder from your annual training, CMS prohibits agents from knowingly targeting or marketing to enrollees during OEP.  

Also, in 2019, beneficiaries enrolled in a MA plan may change his or her election one time during the period that begins the month the individual is entitled to both Part A and Part B, and ends on the last day of the third month of the entitlement. For more detailed information about this new open enrollment period, please refer to our agent training slides.