When You Need Care

Top Questions to Ask Your Doctor

When you are first diagnosed with a condition, or learn you need a surgery, you might not know what to ask your doctor. Or you may forget what questions you want to ask. Here’s our guide to know what to ask when you visit your doctor.

29 Ways You Can Champion Patient Care Like a Pro

As a patient or the loved one of a patient, you have the right and responsibility to understand the healthcare journey ahead. By asking the medical team what to expect, you can help speed up recovery. Here’s where to start.

How to Avoid an Infection When Receiving Medical Care

When you are admitted for medical care, you want to heal and get home as quickly as possible. We want that for you, too. Unfortunately healthcare-associated infections are a public health concern. Here are five, simple-to-follow tips to prevent getting an infection while receiving care.

After Your Appointment

Simply going to the doctor’s office isn’t always enough to get you healthy – you may need to take steps after your appointment to make sure your medical care can be fully effective.

Understanding the Doctor’s Orders

Unless you went to medical school, it’s likely that your medical team is going to use language that is foreign to you. It’s a habit for them, but can be confusing to you. Use these tips to make sure you get the information you need when it comes out in terms you don’t understand (at first).

4 Steps For a Better Doctor Visit

Make every minute with your doctor count by taking just a couple of minutes to prepare ahead of time. It can save you time, help you cover more ground with your doctor and prevent any healthcare complications.

Value-Based Care Programs

Raising the standard of care while lowering its costs sounds like an impossible task, but we’re doing it with the help of others. Take a look at some of our behind-the-scenes programs that are working to lower healthcare costs.

Caring For Our Members One Unique Case at a Time

In addition to explaining benefits, arranging care and educating members, case managers tackle a diverse set of medical, educational and social problems to make sure our members get the care they need.

Getting Care

Whether it's a sniffle or a broken bone, here's how to find the most appropriate care.

Be A Patient Champion

Learn how to ask the right questions, keep an accurate medical history record and be an advocate for yourself and others.