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Summer intern spotlight: Subham Sarkar

Read more about Subham Sarkar's time with the Arkansas Blue Cross Blue Shield Summer Internship program as he and 23 other students help shape the future of healthcare and healthy living in Arkansas. - Read More

Summer Intern Spotlight: Caroline Parham

Read more about Caroline Parham's time with the Arkansas Blue Cross Blue Shield Summer Internship program as she and 23 other students help shape the future of healthcare and healthy living in Arkansas. - Read More

Knowing Nothing and Gaining Everything: Insight from an Intern

Being an intern at a company in an industry that is completely foreign can seem intimidating. However, with a little bit of knowledge and a hardworking mindset, the experience can provide insights that transcend both health insurance and marketing. - Read More

2017 Summer Intern Scholarship Winner Announced

Congrats to Alexandria Barnes, winner of a $5,000 scholarship! Alexandria was one of 23 2017 summer interns at Arkansas Blue Cross and Shield. - Read More

Congrats to our summer interns!

Our 2017 summer interns have returned to school, hopefully a bit wiser and with work experience to help launch their careers. They certainly helped us have a productive summer, launching new tools, programs and strategies. - Read More

Balancing at the Blue

Work/life balance means something different to each person. That’s why Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield offers several programs and services to employees. Each person can choose what works best for them. - Read More

Which Health Insurance Job Suits You Best?

We’ve been named one of Arkansas’ best places to work four years in a row. Find out where you might fit in best with a personality quiz. - Read More

Green Leaf Grill - Healthy and Tasty? We’ll Eat to That!

Ever have that “what to eat?” debate with your co-workers? Maybe even with yourself? We solved that problem in 2013, when we opened the Green Leaf Grill. - Read More

Bringing healthcare to the workplace

Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield wanted to help its employees overcome these challenges by providing an on-site health clinic where they and their family members could be seen for a variety of services. In 2003, Arkansas Blue Cross partnered with Healthstat, Inc. to open its onsite clinic in downtown Little Rock. - Read More

Young professionals Live Fearless

Our summer internship program sets students up for success – in fact, one out of three have been hired by the company since we launched the program in 2014. We expect this year to be just as successful! - Read More

A brain, a heart, the nerve: wishes the Wizardry of Workplace Wellness can help grant

Employees often know how to treat physical illness but are at a loss when it comes to mental and emotional challenges. Complete well-being is more than not being sick or having a disease – it encompasses physical, mental, emotional, financial and social health. - Read More

Three reasons Arkansas Blue Cross is a great workout buddy

One of the key factors to a long and healthy life is a healthy relationship with exercise. Here’s how we help employees find time to put their health first. - Read More

Blue Blazers: a welcomed tradition

Orientation at a new job often includes a mountain of paperwork, new acronyms to learn and probably some policies. That’s why our onboarding experience offers something special: Blue Blazers. - Read More

Junior Achievement students visit for Job Shadow Day

We love what we do and we love to share it. When students from North Little Rock High School visited us on Job Shadow Day, executives and team members took time to tell them about career opportunities at Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield and the education, skills and background they might need to move into those careers. - Read More

5 things Arkansas Blue Cross does to care for the whole employee

Each year, the World Health Organization draws attention to a global health issue. This year the focus is on depression. At Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield, we want our employees to be healthy and happy, so we offer a number of resources to help them live a balanced life. - Read More

Encouraging our employees to Live Fearless

Each month, we feature one of our employees in Blueprint, our employee publication. The series is called Live Fearless, which chronicles our employees’ pursuit of life and the causes they love with zest. - Read More

The Enterprise Learning Hub: A place for skills to grow

We want to give employees who love learning an advantage. Hundreds of them, actually. Our Enterprise Learning and Development team has curated more than a thousand online courses that are free and available to every single one of our employees - Read More


Arkansas Blue Cross gives more than lip service when we state that we invest in our employees. Educational initiatives, such as the company’s Leadership Development Institute (LDI), are building the company’s future leaders. - Read More


At Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield, we hire people because we believe in their abilities. Given the proper tools and training, we know they can do their best work for the company, our members and themselves. Which is why we offer a generous tuition reimbursement program to all full-time employees. - Read More


We empower our employees to OWN their work so our members are always cared for. - Read More