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 investing in our employees

At Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield, we hire people because we believe in their abilities. Given the proper tools and training, we know they can do their best work for the company, our members and themselves. Which is why we offer a generous tuition reimbursement program to all full-time employees.

We cover 100 percent of tuition, books and other reimbursable fees to anyone who completes a course with a grade of "C" or higher for undergraduate work or "B" for graduate. In 2016, that amounted to 174 employees in areas ranging from business to accounting and computer science.

Tuition reimbursement programs like ours are known to increase productivity, boost morale and earn the long-term loyalty of employees. But, with the student loan debt in America estimated at $1.3 trillion, removing the economic burden of education for the financial empowerment is a contribution we're happy to make.

LaToya Kendrix is one employee who is taking advantage of this exchange. She helps our members understand their chronic health conditions and is pursuing a bachelor's degree in nursing. After she completes the program, she'll be able to pay back student loans she took out for her associate degree. "Ultimately though," LaToya said, "the degree will allow me to secure a better future for my family, bring me pride and help me accomplish a dream I've had since childhood."

So while most people go to college to get a good job, sometimes they get a good job and then go to college – it's just another thing Arkansas Blue Cross does differently. To work for a company that supports your dreams, consider joining one of our teams. Current Career Opportunities