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Encouraging our employees to Live Fearless

Live Fearless

At Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield, “Live Fearless” is more than a brand slogan. Many of our employees go above and beyond, by spending evenings and weekends volunteering to improve the lives of people in their neighborhoods. We celebrate our fearless employees’ spirit and we like that they apply that same spirit to their work.  

Each month, we feature one of our fearless employees in Blueprint, our employee publication. The series is called Live Fearless, which reflects our employees’ pursuit of life with zest.

Here are just a few of our fearless employees we have featured:

Stephanie Bassett, Connecting Beyond Language

Stephanie, registered dietitian and wellness specialist, didn’t speak Spanish, but that didn’t keep her from packing her bags and heading to Panama to volunteer with a group from the University of South Florida. “This trip highlighted the need for policymakers and public health officials to make sure there is access to healthy foods,” Stephanie said. “I decided I want to be more involved in policy development and research.”

Carl Carter, Ambassador for Safety

Carl, manager of provider network innovations, established The Beverly Carter Foundation after he lost his mother, a realtor, in September 2014, when she was kidnapped and murdered after meeting a client to show a house. When Carl realized that many agencies didn’t have safety programs, he established the nonprofit in his mother’s name, dedicated to sharing safety awareness and practices among real estate agents. Carl said, “People [at Arkansas Blue Cross] still stop me in the hallways to ask how I’m doing and how my family is. I’m eternally grateful for my Arkansas Blue Cross family.”

Ann Dozier and Ed Pinter, On the Ground Troops

Ann, an administrative support representative, and Ed, quality and risk management, both volunteer with The Van, a nonprofit organization that delivers supplies to people without homes. Ann drives the van into the wee hours of the morning, looking for her homeless friends to see if they need anything. She said, “Working for The Van has changed the way I see the world.” Ed organizes supplies at the warehouse so that drivers like Ann can pop in and out as quickly as possible to get what they need. Ed said, “Some people may call me OCD, but in this case, it comes in handy.”

Debi Gefell, Dog Whisperer

Debi, claims adjuster supervisor, serves as a puppy raiser for the Gallant Hearts Guide Dog Center, a nonprofit organization that provides well-trained healthy guide dogs free of charge to people who are blind. She said, “When I see progress in people and dogs, it touches my heart.”

Matt Propst, Busy for a Cure

Matt, manager of compliance audit and review in Internal Control and Reporting, has been involved with Komen Arkansas since 2003. His then-girlfriend urged him to sign up for the annual race; she later became his wife and, sadly, passed away from cancer. “I’m proud to be an employee of Arkansas Blue Cross,” he said, “because it’s clear that they take this cause seriously. It’s meant the world to me that my employer is involved in that way.”

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