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Blue Blazers: a welcomed tradition

Blue Blazers A Welcomed Tradition

Orientation at a new job often includes a mountain of paperwork, new acronyms to learn and probably  some policies. At Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield, we admit – we’re not that different. It takes a lot of software systems, divisions, processes and people (2,800 so far) to run our business, and we need every single one to do it well. That includes the new people we bring on – which is why our onboarding experience offers something special: Blue Blazers.

Blue Blazers are a group of employees who embody the spirit of the company. They’re warm and inviting and they’re glad you decided to join the Blue family. When you show up on your first day with us, a Blue Blazer will welcome you right at the elevator. No wondering which way to turn or how to get to the conference room – we’ll show you.

When you go through orientation, yes, you might be overwhelmed by all of the benefits and perks of working with us. But if you forget to write something down or catch a name, your Blue Blazer can help. He or she will check in with you for your entire first year to make sure you get settled in. When you can’t remember who to talk to in human resources, your Blue Blazer can point you to the right person. And if you want to know where to find the best dumplings or Brussels sprouts downtown (Green Leaf Grill), we can help with that, too.

The Blue Blazer program is made up of more than 20 people from different areas of the company. They send cards and emails to celebrate your birthday, work anniversary and promotion. They also help put on a friendly event known as the Quarterly Mixer – a luncheon for new hires to meet with their Blue Blazers, leaders of the company and each other. The Blue Blazer will introduce you to others, helping break the ice so you can get to know influential people (and earning you a chance to be influential, too).

Last year the Blue Blazer program welcomed more than 400 new family members. If you’d like to work for a company that wants you to feel at home, visit our Careers page. Our Blue Blazers are waiting to welcome you and help you be happy and successful with us.