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Summer Intern Spotlight: Caroline Parham

Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield’s Summer Internship Program brings the brightest future leaders in healthcare, business, information technology, communications and more to work and learn alongside our employees. Each intern works on an innovative project, along with day-to-day tasks within their focus area, and is given opportunities to gain professional development and visit with top executives. Learn more about our summer interns as they help shape the future of healthcare and healthy living in Arkansas. 

#BecomingBlue Intern Spotlight: Caroline Parham

Name: Caroline Parham

Major/minor: Master of Health Administration (MHA) candidate

School: University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

What set this internship program apart from others you were interested in?
Compared to other internships for which I applied, Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield offers more than an 8-to-5 job. It includes luncheons that allow me to interact with executives from different departments and participate in team-building exercises and break-out sessions on topics like health insurance 101 and financial planning. Previous interns told me managers and executives were accessible and willing to answer questions and include me in meetings in order to make this internship experience as valuable as it could be — and, so far, my experience has been just that.

How did you find out about the internship? 
I first heard about the internship from the MHA program director at UAMS and then from Cole Pace, a previous graduate of the program, who is now working full-time at Arkansas Blue Cross. 

What’s your intern project?
I have several projects, but the one I’m most focused on is a Transitions of Care project that focuses on helping Blue Advantage National Accounts members get the best, most efficient care when they move from inpatient care to post-acute care or from post-acute care to their homes.

How has the internship program empowered you to reach future career goals?
As a candidate for a master’s degree in health administration, I need to understand many aspects of the healthcare industry. The experience I gain here at Arkansas Blue Cross will help shape a well-rounded perspective for wherever I may end up as a future healthcare administrator.

What motivates you to excel in the program?
Excelling in my internship means I have made the most of the opportunities here to grow both professionally and personally. Providing excellent healthcare requires lots of teamwork and networking, so I know the quality of the work I do here will be a direct correlation of how many genuine connections I will gain.

How have you experienced culture and lifestyle in central Arkansas that’s given you a greater appreciation for the community here? 
I was born and raised in Little Rock, so I love trying out new restaurants, getting involved in local organizations like Create Little Rock and attending events like Travelers games, Science After Dark at the Museum of Discovery, and musicals at Robinson Auditorium. I absolutely love the culture and lifestyle here in Central Arkansas — it’s the main reason why I can’t see myself living anywhere else!  

What’s one valuable lesson and takeaway you’ve learned so far?
I’ve learned to not be afraid to ask questions — and lots of them.