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The Blue & You Fitness Challenge is a free-to-enter, three-month competition aimed at increasing cardiovascular activity. With resources like administrative guides, motivational messaging templates, art for posters and banners, and a mobile-friendly website with reporting functionality, it’s a one-of-a-kind fitness competition that can benefit any office size. It begins March 1 every year.

blue and you fitness challenge

We have a way to help you and your employees reduce the risks: the Blue & You Fitness Challenge*. Each year, thousands of participants engage in the three-month contest, and a number of them report a reduction in blood sugar levels, cholesterol, blood pressure and weight. The Challenge is no guarantee, but it’s a fun and active way to help employees be and feel their best.


The Challenge is free to everyone, including employers who want to use it as part of a wellness program. The Challenge encourages people to increase and record online their cardiovascular activity (what doctors often recommend for people at risk of heart disease). People earn points, and if they’re on a team, their points contribute to the group’s overall score. Groups of similar sizes compete against one another for the three months and whoever has the most points, WINS!

All participants receive a printable certificate for completing the Challenge, and we encourage employers to offer incentives, too. A popular one at Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield is a “jeans day pass” where employees earn casual days with each Challenge milestone. It costs nothing and employees love it.

Speaking of love: “We survey group leaders and individual participants every year,” said Linda Kyzer, Wellness Program manager at Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield and the Challenge’s committee leader. “Last year’s survey indicated that 98 percent of respondents would participate again.”

After all, we try to make it easy. The Challenge offers a large number of free resources, including:

  • Administrative guides and checklists
  • Art for posters and banners
  • Templates for motivation messaging
  • A mobile-friendly website with reporting functionality
  • Optional email reminders and newsletters with health tips


Registration for the 2017 competition is open. Help your employees and your company by creating a team and committing to live a happy and active lifestyle. To get started:

  1. Recruit a group of at least two people, age 13+
  2. Assign a group administrator, age 18+, to register your group by February 14 at
  3. Have group members register by February 28 with the admin’s unique group code

Then have fun! With eligible activities that range from walking to wheelchair wheeling, you and your employees will be able to accrue points doing the things you enjoy.