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What’s different for the 2018 Blue & You Fitness Challenge

Blue & You Fitness Challenge Celebrates 15th YearThe 2018 Blue & You Fitness Challenge is celebrating 15 years of helping people prioritize their health. We’ve made a lot of progress and changes to the contest along the way, and this year is no different. Don’t miss out on a new:

  1. Logo and theme
  2. Way to earn a certificate
  3. Extended list of exercises that includes strength training
  4. Way to log multiple days of activities
  5. Journey map, which proves good health happens everywhere

Logo and Theme

The “Start your fitness journey” theme takes users on a health journey. For each day a person logs activity, he or she will earn a star at a location on the site’s map. The star offers a message and health tip of how one could prioritize health in a small but meaningful way.

“The new message of the contest aligns more closely with that of our company: that good health habits aren’t just about the gym,” explained Curtis Barnett, president of Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield. “What you eat, your emotional state, being rested – those habits matter, too. We also want to remind people that we know it’s easy to get discouraged if we fall off the health wagon, but really – we can start (or re-start) being healthy, anywhere.”

Earning a Certificate

A person needs to earn 30 stars to complete the Challenge. (In the past, it was 30 points.) If a person has logged 30 days by the end of the contest, he or she will receive a completion certificate.

Exercise List

“Annual survey data from participants showed us people wanted to record their strength exercises,” said Linda Kyzer, Wellness Program manager at Arkansas Blue Cross and the Challenge’s committee leader. The Challenge has added calisthenics, free weights, Pilates, resistance bands-tubes, weight machines and yoga to the moderate activities list.

New Way to Log

It’s now easier to log multiple days at once. When you enter your activity, simply select multiple days on the calendar, then enter the duration for each day and submit. No more scrolling back through calendars or logging one day at time.

Journey Map

When a participant logs activity, she earns points and a star for that day of logging. The star appears at a location in town. Each star contains a message and tip for how to make small wellness changes, proving you can start your health journey anywhere you are.

About the Challenge

The Challenge is free to everyone, including employers who want to use it as part of a wellness program. The Challenge encourages people to increase and record their cardiovascular activity (what doctors often recommend for people at risk of heart disease). People earn points, and if they’re on a team, their points contribute to the group’s overall score. Groups of similar sizes compete against one another for the three months and whoever has the most points, WINS!

How to Participate

Registration for the 2018 competition opens in December. Create a team of co-workers, friends or family and commit to live a happy and active lifestyle. To get started:

  1. Recruit a group of at least two people, age 13+
  2. Assign a group administrator, age 18+, to register your group by February 14 at
  3. Have group members register by February 28 with the admin’s unique group code

*The contest is hosted by Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield, the Arkansas Department of Health and the Arkansas Department of Human Services. For more information, call 1-800-686-2609 or visit