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CEO's statement following federal court ruling in ACA lawsuit

Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield believes all Americans should have access to quality health coverage, including those with pre-existing medical conditions, no matter who they are or where they live. - Read More

Helping Arkansas become more healthy and active

Arkansans live in a paradox. One in four Arkansas children don’t have enough food to eat, yet according to studies, our state has the highest percentage of adult obesity in the nation. Here’s what I and others are doing to help change this reality. - Read More


As we enter into 2017, healthcare continues to be viewed as a top issue among Americans. While it is difficult at this time to say what will happen to healthcare coverage subsidized through the federal government, the key challenge going forward will likely be making healthcare more affordable for consumers while offering sufficient choices. No matter what changes happen within the healthcare industry as a result of the election, we at Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield understand that as a company we need to keep working to make healthcare affordable, simpler to understand and we need to provide you with experts you can trust to help you navigate the healthcare system. - Read More