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Turn that down!

A few months ago I helped chaperone a middle school dance. I arrived early and watched as the DJ set up his equipment and began playing music. It was far too loud. After a few songs, a faculty member asked that the music be turned down. - Read More

Watch: Blue & You Fitness Challenge founders in a relay race showdown

As the Blue & You Fitness Challenge celebrates its 15th year, the three founding organizations highlight their annual rivalry in an action-packed relay race showdown. - Read More

Safe to Sleep

According to a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report released in January, approximately 3,500 infants are dying in America each year from sleep-related deaths. And as the Democrat-Gazette pointed out last year in its excellent series "Dead Asleep: Babies at Risk," Arkansas has one of the highest death rates in the country. So what can we do? - Read More

Increase the Odds

A cousin of mine is a retired head football coach from a large two-year college in California. Whenever we are having a visit or talking on the phone, it doesn't take long for us to talk football. Well, mostly he talks, and I listen and learn. - Read More

Eat Up! A Guide to Veggies and Proteins

You know your health is important, but it seems that healthy foods come at a greater cost. To figure out if there is a way to eat healthier on a budget, we consulted our senior wellness coordinator and registered dietitian for the Green Leaf Grill. - Read More

A Grocery Store Game Plan

Do you ever wish a fully prepared meal would just fall in front of you? With busy schedules, cooking seems like a pipe dream, but it's not. - Read More

What’s on the Menu?

So you want to eat cheap and healthy but don’t have time to cook. We understand! Sometimes it’s easier to eat out. To make healthy choices away from home, we consulted with Stephanie Bassett, senior wellness coordinator, and her dietetic intern, Rachel Bilderback, to develop the best tactics. - Read More

Health Trends and You

You hear buzzwords such as organic, non-GMO, and gluten-free all the time, but what do they really mean? - Read More

Top 10 ways to stay focused at work

Distraction happens. Especially if you are a part of the four percent of US adults who have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). For those with mild ADHD and those who have a restless brain, sometimes a few non-medicinal tricks can help you stay focused at work with no medication required. - Read More

Dose of prevention

Decades ago when I was a youngster, friends and family members tended to lump all cancers together, and the word "cancer" was spoken with dread as if it had such unlimited power that it would be wise not to arouse it by saying the word too loudly. Unfortunately, for millions in those days, cancer was deadly. - Read More

Keep your fitness routine when you are away for work

You can be the most experienced business traveler on the planet and still feel a bit “off” during trips. But, a good fitness routine is always portable. - Read More

Power lunches: Get ahead at work by staying healthy

Too often, the idea of success at the office can be at the expense of your health. Eating at your desk, not taking breaks, or hitting the vending machine can have long-term effects, and if you are sick, you aren’t helping your company! Stephanie Bassett, a registered dietitian and wellness specialist for Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield, provided these pro tips for preparing healthy lunches and avoiding the office break room pitfalls. - Read More

Drug assistance for state disaster areas

Due to the immense storm and flooding damage the state has suffered since April 28, 2017, Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield is helping members replace any medications lost from home damage. Members must meet eligibility requirements to receive assistance. - Read More

Just Do It

Increasing activity doesn’t mean you have to find a 45-minute block of time, put on sweats, and push to the point of exhaustion. Studies show that if you do 20 different activities of three minutes' duration, your body still benefits from a total of 60 minutes of activity. So read on for more reasons to just do it. - Read More

Important Immunizations at Your Pharmacy May Be Free

Many of your important immunizations may not cost you anything. The majority of Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield members can get immunized at a local in-network pharmacy for no cost — it’s all part of your coverage. Find out if this includes you and the vaccine you need. - Read More

Screenings vs. diagnostic medical tests: Why did I get a bill for that?

A wellness visit or annual physical is also considered preventive healthcare, and may be covered at 100 percent under your health plan. But did you know if you schedule a physical and then bring up a health issue, you might get charged for a regular office visit? That’s one reason it is important to know the difference between preventive care and diagnostic tests. - Read More

Why We Send PHS and EOBs

Depending on the plan you have, you'll receive a Personal Health Statement (PHS) or an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) each time you visit a doctor so you can keep track of your healthcare spending. It's not a bill but a guide for how to review a bill if your doctor sends you one. - Read More


Smoking rates in Arkansas have come down, but we still have significantly higher smoking rates than America as a whole. The best way to lower the number of smokers in Arkansas is to convince our kids to never begin. - Read More


A recent article from an American Academy of Family Physicians publication strongly suggested that patients were less likely to keep unused opioids if they were advised by the prescriber that keeping these medications increases the risks of addiction and inappropriate use by themselves, family members, houseguests, and even young children. - Read More

Health Insurance Terms 101

Open enrollment is from November 1, 2016, to January 31, 2017. That means that for millions of Americans, and maybe you, it's time to shop for a new health insurance policy. We know health insurance terminology is a little confusing, but we don't want you to get lost in the syllables. - Read More