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Teledentistry now a permanent benefit

While the promise of nationwide distribution of COVID-19 vaccines marks a significant turning point in our ability to return to pre-pandemic normalcy, the need to maintain our members’ safety this year and beyond remains.

To meet that need, Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield has made teledentistry a permanent benefit to allow our dental plan members to contact participating providers in the event of an emergency, without having to schedule an in-office visit immediately.

This is a valuable benefit, especially for members who are in a high-risk demographic for COVID-19 and others who are not yet ready for in-office care. There’s no out-of-pocket cost to speak with a participating dentist by phone or video communication (such as Skype or FaceTime).

This benefit does not, however, cover emails and text messages. This benefit also won’t count toward a member’s annual maximum or exam limit for the year. It is being made available on all fully insured commercial dental plans.

What’s considered an emergency? The American Dental Association provides a helpful guide.