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Blueprint for Agents summer refresh

Blueprint for Agents is getting upgraded this summer. The portal’s enhancements will require you to log in to a new Blueprint for Agents platform that’s built to better serve you.

Don’t worry! We aren’t making any sudden changes. The transition to the new Blueprint for Agents portal will be a transition. Both platforms will remain available to you during a 30-day transition, so you can begin to learn the new platform while still working from the existing one. After 30 days, we’ll sunset the current portal.

Our plan is to launch the new Blueprint for Agents portal early in the summer (TBD in June). The initial release will largely be a lift-and-replace of the current portal to the new platform. Like today, what you will see is based on agency affiliations, permissions and product appointments. In addition to all the core functionality that is available to you today, you will be able to:

  • See and service your book of business (Group Listing and Individual Current Enrollment Listing)
  • View application history (Individual App Status List and Group Additions)
  • Access current quote/enrollment tools (i.e. Small Group, Medicare, FFM, Dental/Vision)

Throughout the summer a number of enhancements will be made to the new portal. We will send more reminders about the new Blueprint for Agent portal, user guide support on how to use it and introduce a convenient and secure way to communicate with your Arkansas Blue Cross team.

We’re excited to begin refreshing Blueprint for Agents.