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Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield and its family of companies will be sending a letter to group administrators whose health plans include one or more employees who may have had minor dependents affected by the 2015 Anthem cyberattack.

There is no new cyberattack.

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) has asked Anthem to take additional steps for the protection of affected members with dependent children. Our letter simply informs group administrators that Anthem will communicate directly with employees with affected dependents sometime in February.

What will Anthem communicate?

Anthem will notify the parents/legal guardians of minors affected by the 2015 cyberattack of the Anthem Minor Credit Protection Program. Anthem will provide a customized credit protection program functionally equivalent to a credit freeze for minors who were age 18 and under on January 27, 2015. It’s the parent or guardian’s choice to accept the protection.

Anthem will begin mailing letters in February 2017. This letter will contain clear instructions on how to request the credit freeze. The Anthem Minor Credit Protection Program will offer the additional protection at no additional cost to the eligible minors.

How does this affect you?

Anthem’s forthcoming letter to affected individuals should address most questions or concerns that the employees may have regarding the offering. It also will provide an Anthem customer service number for questions. We don’t anticipate your group administrator clients will receive many inquiries from affected employees.

We wanted you to know about the letter to your group administrator clients. No action is necessary from your group administrator clients — we’re just making sure they’re in the loop regarding the member letter from Anthem and our preceding group administrator letter.

Expiration of AllClear Services

Also related to the 2015 Anthem cyberattack, affected members were offered and have taken advantage of extensive, free remedial services, including two years of credit monitoring, identity theft repair and fraud protection services. Those services are about to expire. Therefore, AllClear is notifying members in case they want to extend services (at members’ cost) through an email sent directly to affected members. Instructions will be included in the email. The AllClear email is the only notification members will receive.