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Life insurance policy changes for Arkansas Blue Cross transition plans

Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield’s transition plans (not-fully-ACA-compliant plans purchased between March 23, 2010, and October 1, 2013) are moving to Metallic plan types beginning with February 1 groups this year. Arkansas Blue Cross will no longer bill the $15,000 life insurance that currently accompanies transition plans. Your employer groups can continue this coverage through current carrier, USAble Life, and will have additional options to choose from, as well.

When you receive your renewals on these groups, a pre-populated application will be included for the group to sign to continue their life insurance coverage. There will be no medical underwriting and no industries will be excluded as long as the group elects the new coverage at renewal. The rate for the $15,000 coverage will reduce from $7.35 per employee to $6.85 per employee. USAble Life will bill the life insurance separately, and it will be sent directly to the group.

Arkansas Blue Cross is an equity partner of USAble Life. USAble Life’s home office is located in Little Rock, Arkansas.