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What to do when a Marketplace enrollee becomes eligible for Medicare

Canceling a Marketplace plan for Medicare-eligible clients has been an issue of great frustration and confusion for many. In order to enroll a client in an Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield Medi-Pak plan, we do have to receive the cancelation request from the Marketplace.

Marketplace has provided step-by-step instructions on how to remove age-in Medicare members, which we have linked to below. We encourage you to read the detailed instructions. The instructions assume the member is enrolled into their account, but the same steps can be extrapolated and applied to the Agent Direct Enrollment Pathway.

Scenario 1:

The only person on the Marketplace account is the individual who needs to be removed in coordination with the Medicare effective date.

When you’re assisting a client, you can enter a termination date as soon as 14 days from the date you cancel. Instructions on how to do this are shown and linked below.

Scenario 2:

The person to be removed from the Marketplace account is one of two or more individuals on the plan. In most cases their coverage will end immediately from the day you cancel. Additional information and step-by-step instructions are linked. 

Note: The Marketplace provides caveat language to this rule to account for a scenario where the applicant makes additional changes within the Marketplace application resulting in a Special Election Period. In these cases, the termination date may not be immediate.