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New Blueprint for Agents starts tomorrow

Keep an eye on your inbox tomorrow. Mid-morning you’ll receive an email with a link to access the new Blueprint for Agents portal and activate your account. Your username is included in the email. Before you click the link, take a deep breath. It’s been 20 years since we’ve changed our agent-broker platform. Soak it in.

The email will come from a new address: Blueprint for Agents <>.

Worry-free transition
We don’t expect you to learn the new platform in a day. Or even a week. We’re keeping both portals available for a 30-day transition period, before we sunset the legacy portal. That timeframe should allow you to get oriented with the new platform while having the legacy portal available to fall back on for day-to-day business.

Starting with the basics
We’re not launching the Blueprint for Agents portal full of new functionality and processes right out of the gate. The initial launch is largely a lift-and-replace of the current portal into the new platform. You’ll be doing the same things you always did…just on a new platform. Over time, we’ll begin to add new, enhanced features, capabilities and bells-and-whistles.

What if I don’t get an email tomorrow?
First, check your spam or quarantined emails to make sure it didn’t get stuck somewhere between us and you. As mentioned above, it is a new email address. Talk to your agency admin about access or email your Arkansas Blue Cross representative.

Read our Quick Start Guide
It’s only three pages long (less than 1,500 words!). Reading the Quick Start Guide will give you some insight into roles and responsibilities, delegating assistant access, viewing commission statements and how to submit helpful cases. It also includes FAQs that can help you troubleshoot your account set-up.

Get the guide.

If you’re having trouble with the new portal, contact your Arkansas Blue Cross representative to talk through the issue. Meanwhile, use the legacy system for your day-to-day business until the issue is resolved.